Portugal 7/2014

Finally! We were in Portugal with the WHOLE family.
It was like a dream!

We all landed around the same time in Lisbon - and let me tell you, it was so nice to be around English speaking people after being lost in Paris for 4 days!

This is all of us with all our luggage. It was actually really funny how much we all over packed.

Because we couldn't necessarily get ourselves, along with all our luggage on a train, my Grandpa found us a big bus to take everyone to Tanya's (my new aunt) home town of Figura De Foz about 2 hours away.

We arrived, settled in, and then took a walk to find somewhere to eat dinner!

The next day we traveled about an hour away to a city called Coimbra to do some shopping. It was the most beautiful city!

Tanya and Mike. The couple we traveled to celebrate!

Later that day we decided to take a little walk to go see Coimbra University.
Coimbra University is the oldest standing University in all of Europe.

It was amazing!! The students that currently study there wear these long black capes as a uniform.
I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie.

Jake and Devin did a little surfing...

Because we were all together we thought it'd be necessary to get family pictures done and they turned out great!

And finally the ceremony! What we traveled all the way to Europe for. I'm so glad Mike found Tanya! She is the sweetest most kind person you will ever meet. We were so welcomed by her sweet family! They made us feel right at home. So happy to add Tanya to the Wuergler clan!

The view from Tanya's parents house where the ceremony took place

This picture is just so funny - I love it.

Europe was a bittersweet experience.
It was so nice to be with my dads family right after we all lost him, but we were all sad knowing he was supposed to be experiencing all of this with us. 
He was remembered throughout the whole trip. 

Miss my dad like crazy!

Here's a video of our vacation! Videos were filmed by my sister Sam, put together by me!

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